Pine Island Cove, nestled on Pine Island, near Flamingo Bay, is a well-kept secret. Eagles and Ospreys are abundant, the island is part of Old Florida's Nature, and has some of the best fishing in the world. People from all over the country, and beyond, have come to call this over-55 community "The Cove". They also call it "Home".  





To: All Cobiac Compound Space Holders


The new Board of Directors has decided to reinstate the $50 per year storage fee for all

Cobiac Compound spaces. Please contact the office to pay your fee and provide proof

of registration. Also, be sure to have your lot numbers on your stored item.


Please contact the office at Pine Island Cove with any questions or concerns.


Per the Board of Directors

Pine Island Cove HOA



Pine Island Preserve at Matlacha Pass


Residents of Pine Island Cove may have noticed lots of activity across Stringfellow Road from the park. Large areas have been cleared of all brush and grass down to bare earth.


The following description from the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast describes some of the ambitious plans for the area:


“The pastureland fronting Stringfellow Road will transform from exotic grasses back to native pine flatwoods. The once disturbed row-cropped and grazing land will be covered with beautiful wildflowers and native grasses. Volunteers will continue to plant hundreds of trees within this new grassland and the recreation area surrounding the main pond will be transformed as well. We hope to engage the community in planting beautiful shade trees for people, trees for wildlife, and wetland trees. Community members have also built nest boxes for eastern bluebirds and American Kestrels and will install them throughout the site.


The Preserve will also boast a half-mile boardwalk connecting visitors to some of Florida’s coolest, though hard-to-see places. The boardwalk will pass through salt marshes and stunning mangrove forests, before reaching a kayak dock on Matlacha Pass.


Pine Island Preserve will most likely be open to the public in late 2018." For more information and a video, see the web site at:














Ladies Lunch and Style Show

January 31, 2018

The hat contest was the centerpiece of the ladies luncheon and style show. The ladies honored the day by wearing their favorite hat because, after all, women wear many hats in their lives; mother, daughter, sister, and friend. No matter where they are or what they are doing they wear their hat proudly.


See more photos at:  Style Show.pdf










Pine Island Cove Emergency Boating Call Guide.pdf  



See Pine Island Cove a week after Hurricane Irma: 


















We have added new tabs to allow us to provide you with information on our finances, and our meeting minutes. Just scroll over to the Minutes, or Financial tab at the top of this main page, and click on it.  

Because these pages will contain financial and other information we wish to provide only to members, you will need a User Name and Password to enter that page. The office sent out a group email to all Pine Island Cove homeowners with the User Name and Password. If you did not receive it just check with the office.




Drone Photos of Pine Island Cove and Pine Island


The following link will take you to a gallery of the best Pine Island Cove sunrise and sunset drone photos I have taken over the past two years.


This link will take you to drone photos, primarily of Pine Island:




Regarding Repair of Boat Lift


As you may be aware, there has been some disagreement in the park concerning the use of Unallocated Funds for the use of Repair of Boat Lifts. The link below will take you to a letter dated September 28, 2018 from the attorneys employed by Pine Island Cove which sets forth their legal opinion and provides the basis for the actions of the Board of Directors.


                                                                                ATTORNEY LTR BOAT LIFT.pdf ____________________________________

The disastrous algae blooms and red tide experienced by southwest Florida has made nationwide news in the past several months. Hundreds of dead sea turtles, manatees, dolphins, as well as thousands of sport fish and millions of bait fish have washed up on beaches from Naples to Sarasota. Humans have suffered as well, with respiratory ailments and, in some cases, skin lesions.

The link below will take you to a National Geographic article that explores the causes and possible solutions for the problem. Because of the complexity and scope of the issue, we are now likely to have these algae blooms on a regular basis.

2019 Bocce Teams and Schedule


2019 Bocce Teams.pdf


2019 Bocce Schedule.pdf  


Arts & Crafts Sale, February 3, 2018

                For additional photos, see: Arts Crafts.pdf

Men's Club Parade

March 29, 2018

Hog Roast

March 3, 2018

Pine Island Cove World War II Veterans Honored

Six World War II veterans were honored on March 27th by the Nimble Thimbles, who in association with the Quilts of Valor organization, awarded quilts to each of the veterans in a "wrapping" ceremony. Attendance was great, with standing room only. The PIC Choral Club and Pine Island VFW Color Guard also participated. The six veterans are: Lionel "Hap" Metivier, William "Mack" Luten, Frank Furia, Lloyd Evans, Lloyd Dysart, and Homer Dangler. We thank these veterans, and all veterans, for their service to our country.

Aerial views of Pine Island Cove, by Steve Russell  

Pine Island Cove 360 degree panorama

Sunset at Mallory Square, Key West -- taken between two anchored cruise ships


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