Pine Island Cove, nestled on Pine Island, near Flamingo Bay, is a well-kept secret. Eagles and Ospreys are abundant, the island is part of Old Florida's Nature, and has some of the best fishing in the world. People from all over the country, and beyond, have come to call this over-55 community "The Cove". They also call it "Home".  






Austin, Ethel and Irv Tautkus




Who belongs to the Men's Club? The By Laws state each male, upon taking up residence in Pine Island Cove, is automatically a member of the Men's Club.  There are no dues, no initiation, and no requirement to join.  No membership role is maintained.  Participation is voluntary.

      Why does the Men's Club exist?   To promote, support and assist in the welfare of the community by undertaking projects, and sponsoring work parties for the betterment of Pine Island Cove.

      When are the meetings held?   Meetings are the first Thursday of each month from and including October through April at 6:30 pm in the clubhouse.

What has the Men's Club accomplished this year?   The Compound

maintained by the men’s club members.   Each year there are trees to be trimmed around the perimeter.   It takes up to 100 man hours per year to take care of trimming and pruning just the boat storage area.   Trimming the canals is one of the primary objectives accomplished each year.   The trees have to be kept out of the waterway so that navigation is possible all the way to the Sound.   Canals within the park are also maintained as waterways.   Extreme care is taken to be sure we don’t encroach upon nesting birds.   We cannot trim beyond the edge of the waterway or into the water.   We have to remember that the mangroves hold this island together so we cannot over trim them.   Maintenance of the canals takes a crew of at least 10 men.   Some ride the barge and trim and collect branches.   The load is transported to designated areas and stacked.   When all the trimming is done, we rent a chipper to reduce the branches to chips that are used to fill low spots in our work area.   We spent approximately 14 days with 10 to 14 men doing this trimming, stacking and chipping.  Well over 1000 man hours were needed to keep the waterways open and navigable.

      The dock on Bass Lake was refurbished this year.   It was originally built in 1992 at an estimated cost of $600.   After 22 years, it was showing signs of weakness and wear.   It took approximately a week to tear off the old deck, replace bolts holding the base to the poles, reinforce the base and then rebuild the deck and rails with new wood.   The approach was extended and reinforced so there was less of a grade to walk onto the dock.   The association paid the cost of around $1000.   A bid to do the work by a contractor was about $3200.00; the Men's Club was able to do it for much less.

      How can I help the Men's Club?   Showing up for the work parties is most helpful.   No one is asked to do more than they can physically accomplish and each person picks their own job and works at their own pace.   Having fun and maintaining the camaraderie is a big part of this work.   The men’s breakfast is also a good way to help.   The breakfast provides us with funds to accomplish some projects we choose to do like maintaining the ball field or buying tools for the tool shed. 

      If any of our older residents need help with minor repairs, trimming, or even climbing a ladder to change a light bulb, we are here to help them.   If you need some assistance, just tell a member of the club and we will try to have someone assist you.

      So, tell me again.   What does the Men's Club do?   Our proposed mission statement is this, “Working together to promote Goodwill and Add Value for Pine Island Cove residents.” 


Volunteer, Helmut Stuetzle, working on the front entrance to the Pine Island "Cove" (MORE PICTURES TO FOLLOW)

Photos compliments of Rita McArdle and others ...

Volunteer Helmut Stuetzle working on the front wall of the Cove entrance

TTtPhoto abovThanks to Mary Jo Lanzen for the pictures -- above and below


hhhand below by Mary Jo Lanzen

Photo (left)

compliments of



Thanks to Steve Russell for the picture (above) of the new Pine Island Cove entrance sign ...

Thanks to Jill Davidson for the recently updated pictures -- Dated 05/19/2013


The editor thanks the year -around residents of Pine Island Cove for sending updated photos of the progress of the new Pine Island Cove entrance sign(s).


Construction of the Fish Cleaning Station Tiki Hut ...  (04-14-2013)    (below)

Photos by Joan Dobbin


Iguana --

This invasive species reproduces rapidly and has adapted very well to the Florida ecosystem. They eat bird eggs, turtle eggs, and much more.

This one was photographed here at Pine Island Cove.  CLINK ON THIS LINK:   iguana.pdf 


My name is Dick Thomas. I volunteer at the Cape Coral Hospital Thrift Store located across from the hospital on Del Prado Blvd. Before you discard any items please give me a call, we may be able to sell them at the store, and all the money raised goes to improvements at the hospital. If I cannot get it into my van, arrange-ments will be made for pickup.

Thank You!

Dick Thomas 7126 Drum Drive


Aerial view (above) of Pine Island Cove courtesy of Steve Russell

Aerial picture of Pine Island Cove courtesy of Steve Russell

Beach by the Calusa Indian Mound (Pineland)

Beach at Calusa Indian Mound


Sunset at Mallory Square, Key West -- taken between two anchored cruise ships


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