Below is a short tutorial as to what goes where in each container in the Ladyfish Compound. Above is a photograph showing the location of each container.


Container #1  The BROWN container located directly in front of you as you enter through the gates. This is for food garbage and household trash. Examples include kitchen waste, pet waste, garden hoses, broken electronics, printers, styrofoam, old carpeting (cut up and rolled). If it is broken and can be put in the container, and does not belong in any of the other containers, this is where to place it. Construction debris that will fit can be placed inside the container.


Container #2  Green with a blue roof.  It is located in the center of the compound. This is for all recyclables, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles and containers, cake and pie containers, steel cans, beer and wine bottles. NO PLASTIC BAGS (those go into container #1, or can be recycled at Winn-Dixie, Wal-Mart).


Container #3  Grey with white sliding doors. It is located near the white fence running parallel to Ladyfish Dr. As you stand in front of it facing the doors, the first door on the left is for Aluminum Beer and Soda cans ONLY. No plastic bags and no cardboard boxes, only the aluminum cans. The other three doors to the right are for cardboard boxes (cut and broken down, please) newspapers, phone books, and paper.


Container #4  Green open top. It has wooden steps in front of it. All yard waste, including branches, trees, bushes, cuttings. Only horticultural waste. No plastic, stones, wire or other items.


Area #5   Cement Pad located by the pond fence. As you stand in front of it the left side is for large appliances. The right side is for bulk items that are broken and do not fit in Container #1. We have to pay for items removed from here.


Area #6  White Shed behind the concrete pad. This area is for hazardous waste, such as paint cans, spray paint cans, oil containers, batteries, etc.


Area #7  Located to the right of the ramp in front of the large storage shed. This is for the treasures you no longer need and could be used by someone else. They must be removed after two days and disposed of.


The condition of the compound reflects on all of us. Keep it clean. If you drop something, pick it up. Nobody is paid to keep this area clean. DO NOT LEAVE TRASH OR GARBAGE IF THE CONTAINER IS GONE. Take it home and bring it back later.


Consider donating useable items to the Beacon of Hope (239-283-5123) or the Pine Island Community Church (239-283-9944). They will pick up large items. We have a lot of families on the island who could use your discarded items.


Thank you for keeping the Ladyfish Compound neat and orderly.


The Pine Island Cove Board of Directors


Sunset at Mallory Square, Key West -- taken between two anchored cruise ships


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