The Pine Island Cove Men’s Club was formed long ago, both for camaraderie, and to make improvements and repairs in the park. Every man who lives in the park is automatically a member. The benefits include getting to know many of the men who are your neighbors, and the knowledge that you are doing something to help out where you live. Their activities include hosting the monthly Men’s Club breakfasts at the clubhouse, and work parties every Monday morning, followed by a lunch at the pavilion.


Most all of the things you see in the common areas of the park have been constructed or repaired by the Men’s Club. But things you don’t see, like tangles of brush, debris from hurricanes, fallen trees, etc. are no longer there because of the Men’s Club. Every year, their efforts save ten’s of thousands of dollars in expenses for the park. The money they raise at the monthly breakfasts is used for good causes.



Men’s Club - November 2018 Report

The Men’s Club got an early start this year with the first work party held on November 5th. This month we have volunteered 225 hours of labor and completed the following projects.

Rebuilt the boat launch dock

Trimmed and brushed the Cobiac Compound

Trimmed the saltwater canal

Filled sinkholes created by the storm water drains

Painted the curbs, power-washed sidewalks and clubhouse

Cleaned up the Ladyfish compound x2 and repainted the directional arrows

Salvaged $3000 of parts from Faith boatlift

Replaced the flagpole at the entrance on Stringfellow

In the coming weeks we will be continuing to clean up the Hope Retention Pond and Bass lake, rebuild the wash pad in the ladyfish com- pound, improve the ice machine enclosure and other projects as they arise.

Wayne Smith




Men's Club Recap, January 29, 2018


We had about 25 guys show up to work on Monday.

The majority worked on removing the trees that are still in the saltwater canal. The job has to be done at low tide so time was limited. We got most of it done but two hours of work remains.

Another group continued work to fill the edge of Gulfgate with dirt. They planted more marker stones at the boat ramp and hauled some brush.

A small group worked to build a rain and shade cover over the ice machine and sink.

One person worked on repacking seals and O-rings in the beer rapper and cleaning the lines.

Two people worked on changing the gear on the boat lift.

A small group worked to trim a Brazilian Pepper tree that had intertwined itself with several other trees in a residents yard. When they finished that job they trimmed a large tree along Gulfgate that was scratching large vehicles coming into the park. --Mike Andrus


Men's Club Recap, January 22, 2018


  We had the largest group we’ve ever had today. 37 guys showed up to help. The largest group worked at the boat lift where we had cut trees earlier. All of the logs and brush had to be loaded on the two barges and taken to where we do all of our chipping. A second group worked on several smaller projects. They dug out and filled some potholes with new asphalt. Holes in the blacktop going into the boat compound were fixed and a very large hole by the agricultural dumpster was fixed. One guy did the running for wood needed for our next project next Monday and picked up 7 bags of asphalt patch. More cement blocks were buried as line markers near the boat ramp. One buried previously was taken out and a large stone under it had to be broken to get the blocks into the ground far enough. A resident came by and wanted to donate a second cement picnic table for use at the ramp. It was picked up and moved there within the hour. The last group placed the new fountain in the lake and built a base for a swing donated to hang by the lake. A great lunch was served again by Ron and Ron. This year has been different from those in the past. We used to spend the majority of our time trimming trees and loading/unloading the barge. Having all the help we’ve had this year has provided the manpower to get a number of jobs started and completed. Having a second barge will let us do all of our trimming faster and give us time to do even more to keep PIC a great place to live. --Mike Andrus




Men's Club Work, January 15, 2018


*Cleaned the generator in preparation for its sale.


*Installed a wash-up sink next to the ice machine.


*Removed the old cover on the pavilion, and installed a new cover.


*Tree trimming by the chipping area.


*Removed a Brazilian pepper tree for a neighbor.




 Men’s Club Work, January 8, 2018


*Gravel/dirt along Gulfgate. Dirt was placed into the ruts on the side of the road. Not complete     yet. 


*Clean drain at trees on Gulfgate. The drain from the South across from the boat ramp gets clogged with debris and keeping it cleaned out is beneficial. Complete. 


*Stripe on boat ramp  The stripe at the top of the ramp had worn away so was repainted. It helps guide boaters squarely onto the ramp. Complete. 


*Bench/table  Not done yet 


*Bury bricks to make parking spaces at boat ramp.  In process. Parking spaces are being marked in a permanent manner for overflow parking of vehicles with  trailers or cars alone. 


*Spray weeds at entrance. Not completed yet 


*Dig ditch for water at new shed. CompleteClean up gear by bike rack Complete. Gear is for the boat lift. 


*Fix fence by Roger Sharp. Complete


*Take star down at Carol and Gary’s Schmidt’s House. Complete 


*Fill road holes with cold patch. Not complete yet. 


*Trim tree along Porpics. Complete. 


Sunset at Mallory Square, Key West -- taken between two anchored cruise ships


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