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Revised 2016


1. “Residents” - Are homeowners or renters residing in Pine Island Cove.

2. “Non-Resident Homeowner” - Owns home in park but resides outside of park. 3. “Guests” - Reside with residents 30 days or less in a year.

4. “Visitor” - A person that comes to your home for less than a day.

5. “Child” - Person under age 15.

6. “Adult “–Person 21 and over.

The Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, Pool Room, Bocci, Horseshoes, Shuffleboard and Activities, in other words Cards, Bingo, Quilters, Blood Bank & Health Activities, Men’s Club, Seminars & Promotions, etc. are open to all residents, guests, and visitors may be restricted during association scheduled activities. Non-resident owners will have the same privileges as residents except during the time a renter resides in their home.

Hosts are responsible for the conduct of their visitors and guest. Residents have first priority to use the Pine Island Cove Facilities. EFFECTIVE 10-24-16

Social Activities -

Residents may reserve the clubhouse or Cobiac pavilion for private celebrations parties etc.; if approved by the Clubhouse or Cobiac pavilion’s Co-Coordinator, and the proposed use is deemed proper and will not conflict with scheduled park activities. This provision may be applied to other amenities on a case by case basis. Use of any facility will require written identification of the requesting resident who will be responsible for cleanup and restoration to previous order. The responsible resident may arrange use of social committee supplies and will reimburse the associations at cost.



For your convenience, security and pleasant atmosphere the following Rules and Regulations are enforced.

1. The Park is an OVER 55 COMMUNITY. To keep the “55 and over” status, one person must be 55 years old and a minimum age of 40 for the second person.

2. No lot owner or homeowner may sell or lease his lot or home unless one of the intended tenants is fifty five (55) years of age or older at the time of occupancy, and such owner shall submit an age verification form to the Board of Directors at the Park Office prior to the effective date of the lease or sale which sets forth the ages of the intended tenants (second person with minimum age of at least 40). For leased lots, PICHA may evict tenants on property owned by PICHA for those grounds set forth in the Florida Statutes. The purchase of your home by anyone who does not meet the requirements set forth above, or has not been approved as an exception by the Board of Directors, shall not constitute permission or rights of residency in Pine Island Cove.

3. Residences (homes) shall be occupied by two persons or less. The Board of Directors shall consider special requests for additional person(s) to stay beyond the thirty (30) day visitation period when such a request will not violate the Established Policies “55 Years and Older” provisions, including the minimum age limit, by the additional resident(s). At no time shall more than four (4) persons reside in a home. Exception to the two (2) person residency rule shall be considered on a case by case basis. An additional fee of $20.00 per person per month will be assessed for each occupant in excess of two.

4. All sales agreements and rental leases must be forwarded to the office for review. Final sale and lease agreements must include a signed statement by the lessee or new owner that they received and read a copy of the Park Rules and Regulations as well as Established Policies and By-laws. Rentals and lease agreements shall be no less than 30 days.

5. Guests are permitted in the Park for visitation of not more than thirty (30) days per year. Residents are responsible for the behavior of guests and children who, up to the age of 16, must be supervised by an adult, in and around all recreation areas at all times. Residents are responsible for their guests at all times.

6. Use of your home by friends, family or any guests in your absence requires prior notification to the Park Office. Notice must provide names, ages (one of whom must be 55 years) and length of stay. If none of the occupants is 55 years of age or over, stay is limited to thirty (30) days in any one year. All persons must agree to comply with all of the Association “Rules and regulations” and “Established Policies” of the Park. Owners are responsible for compliance. Use of the common facilities by visitors during the owner’s absence is not allowed.

7. All Park residents must display the PICHA sticker with their lot number on the sticker on the windshield of their vehicle(s). All guests with vehicles must display a mirror tag, in plain sight, at all times while driving in the Park or using the various facilities. Park residents may keep a guest tag at their homes for use by their guests.


8. Parking at your residence is permitted only on paved areas. Occasional parking in the street by visitors and

residents in certain circumstances is permitted. No overnight or on-going daily street parking is allowed.

Motor homes and travel trailers are limited to twenty four (24) hours for loading or unloading. Owners are reminded to position their vehicle for minimum interference with their neighbors. Additional parking is provided in the posted areas near the boat ramp, and in Ladyfish Compound & Cobiac Compound. All vehicles must display a hanging mirror guest tag with the owner’s lot number shown or a Pine Island Cove sticker. No storage or long term parking is permitted at the boat ramp or ladyfish compound. Clubhouse parking spaces are for use by members attending functions in this common area. No other use is permitted. Failure to observe parking rules will result in vehicles being tagged and recorded. Repeated incidents may result in loss of park privileges and penalties including towing of vehicles at owner’s expense, court action and/or fines up to $100.00 per incident. See sect. 10 of By-laws.

9. All owners of boats, motor homes, and travel trailers must register with the Park Office. Current copy of registration or license renewal is needed to obtain a parking space in the Cobiac Compound, if available. Only home owners and renters are allowed to store equipment in this compound. Any unit parked in this facility must prominently display a lot number and PICHA sticker on the windshield. (See Cobiac Compound Guidelines). No motor home, boat and/or trailer parking is permitted elsewhere in the Park except for covered carports. The boat ramp and boat lifts are for homeowners and renters, however guests & visitors may use ramp and lift if accompanied by a resident.

10. All homes will have an attached aluminum carport, storage shed, screen room and/or Florida room, skirting, steps and driveway which have been approved by the Board of Directors. All additions or changes to the exterior of the home or concrete package must have prior written approval from the Board of Directors. A drawing, with dimensions, areas to be used and drawing of the improvements is required. Any dock construction on the canals MUST have a DEP permit. Homeowners may not make any changes or additions to the land or seawalls without submitting a drawing of the changes for prior approval. All water property without a seawall must be well maintained and no grasses or weeds, etc. shall be allowed to grow into the water. Maintenance of seawalls is the responsibility of the resident homeowner. Setbacks and utility easements must be consistent with page 3 of the Deed Restrictions.

11. No outdoor drying lines or apparatus for the drying of laundry shall be permitted on any lot except for one (1) single post. Umbrella type device not more than six (6) feet in diameter and not standing more than six (6) feet above ground level. Grass and other ground cover shall be cut on a regular basis. Trees and shrubs shall be well trimmed.

12. The Park Office reserves the right to arrange for necessary yard maintenance to be done so all lots meet Park standards. The costs will be charged to the homeowners for lawn and property maintenance as required. If a resident is away for more than two (2) weeks, he/she is expected to make arrangements for necessary ground care. No unsightly condition will be allowed on patios, carports or any area of a lot. (Appliances, boxes, equipment & tools etc.).

13. Late fees of fifteen dollars ($15.00) but not less than 2% of the balance due will be assessed after the tenth (10th) day of the month on rent or any other charge to the homeowner, retroactive to the first day of the month. Payment in arrears of more than six (6) months will be assessed an additional fifteen dollars ($15.00) but not less than 2% of the balance due. After the sixth (6th) month, the Board of Directors may file a lien against the

property of the person(s) in default. A service fee consistent with bank chargers plus late charges will be assessed for bad checks.


14. Antennas and/or satellite dishes no larger than one meter (approx. 39 inches) in diameter may be installed

subject to Federal Regulations.

15. Fences are not permitted in the Park. Exceptions are allowed only if approved by the Board of Directors.

16. Speed is NOT to exceed 15 MPH. Guest parking is provided at the boat ramp. No parking is allowed in vacant carports unless permission is obtained from the owner. No major repairs or overhaul of cars, boats, etc. is permitted in the Park with the exception of the Cobiac Compound. Resident owned commercial vehicles, campers, travel trailers, etc. shall be kept in their assigned spaces in the boat storage area when not in use. No airboats, motorcycles, mopeds are permitted in the Park. (The Regulations for golf carts are included as an addendum to this document.)

17. To help insure the safety of all residents residing in the Park, those residents with lawn lights are required to keep them operational during the hours of darkness.

18. Pets...A maximum of two house pets is permitted, ONLY ONE OF WHICH CAN BE A DOG. Pets must be confined to the interior of the home when the resident is not present and must be on a leash at all times when outside of your home. Pets must be walked in the street or transported to the common areas for exercise. CLEAN UP IS A MUST!!!! Pets are not permitted in the pool area or Clubhouse at any time. No chickens, other fowl, horses or livestock of any kind shall be kept in any portion of the Park. No animals of any kind shall be kept or maintained on any portion of the Park except normal household pets owned by the occupants of a residence located on a lot and not maintained for any commercial purpose. Household pets shall have such care so as not to be objectionable or offensive because of noise, odor or unsanitary conditions. Household pets needing to relieve themselves should first go on the property to which the animal resides. Other approved locations are the Cobiac Compound, EFFECTIVE 1 - 22- 10.

19. Mangrove cutting is strictly controlled by State agencies. No cutting or trimming of mangroves will be allowed without Board of Directors approval. Any person or home-owner found responsible for illegal cutting of mangroves will be subject to penalty.

20. Feeding of wildlife such as seagulls is prohibited in the residential area of the Park. Feeding of alligators is against Florida State Law and Park Regulations. The State of Florida will fine persons guilty of the above offense up to $500.00.

21. Dangerous weapons.... No owner, tenant or visitor within the Park shall use or permit the use of any firearms, air rifles, pellet guns, bows and arrows or other dangerous weapons, projectiles or such devices anywhere in any portion of the Park by any occupant, agent, employee, invitee, tenant, guest or member of the family,

22. No gasoline powered engines may be used on Bass Canal/Lake except by authorized governmental agencies or individual granted permission by the PICHA Board of Directors for the purpose of maintaining both bodies of water.

23. There will be no smoking in the Pine Island Cove Clubhouse.

24. Residents shall not play any radio, television, stereo, record player, or make any noise in such a manner as to annoy other residents. Disturbing the peace will not be tolerated. Residents or their guests are not to trespass on others’ lawn or property.


25. PICHA shall not be liable for injury to life or property through use of our common facilities or for

loss or damage caused by accident, fire, theft, or act of God. In the event you have called for fire, police or ambulance, please notify the Park office as soon as possible.

26. Pool hours shall be from April 1 – September 30 7:00AM – 8:30PM October 1 – March 31st 7:00AM – 6:00PM, weather permitting, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

EFFECTIVE 10-24-16

A. Shower before entering pool or Jacuzzi.

B. There shall be no running or jumping in the pool area.

C. There shall be no glass bottles or “breakables” in the pool area.

D. Proper swimming apparel in the pool is required at all times.

E. No loud music in the pool area or disturbing sound allowed unless part of approved Park


F. No diving in the pool.

G. No tubes, rubber rafts or ball playing in the pool. H. No pets are allowed in the pool or Clubhouse area.

I. Children are not allowed in the Jacuzzi.

J. No smoking in pool area when it is open.

K. Smoking will be allowed in the pool area when pool is closed and in the designated smoking


L. Visitors are not permitted to use the pool on a daily basis. The term daily to be determined by the

Board of Directors.

28. The Bulletin Board in the Clubhouse kitchen area is provided as a service for our residents. Any posting must be date stamped by the Park Office. All notices will be discarded after 30 days. The purpose of this facility is for residents that have items for sale, trade or free. Charitable notices and local events of interest are allowed. Commercial use for advertising of products or services is not permitted.

29. No commercial solicitors or peddlers are permitted without written consent from the PICHA Board of Directors. No residence within the Park may be used as a place of business for the general public.

30. No advertising sign of any kind shall be displayed to public view on any lot except (1) sign approximately 18x24” or less. Such sign shall be temporary in nature as far as construction and placement is concerned, and must be placed flush to the house or planter fronting the house. In no instance are signs to be placed perpendicular to the street. Such signs as are allowed shall be maintained in good condition at all times and shall be removed when no longer needed. The PICHA Board of Directors reserves the right to make final decisions as to the placement of such signs. These rules also apply to advertising signs of vendors doing construction or repair work in the Park.

31. Recycling....Pine Island Cove provides facilities for disposal of most residential waste. Lawn clippings and other agricultural debris are to be deposited in the PROPER dumpster in Ladyfish Compound. Please cut large branches, etc. into small pieces to allow for better compacting.

Broken masonry, sand and soil are to be dumped at the north end of the Cobiac Compound near the signs so marked.

Newspaper / Can Container, (In the paper end of the container we will accept) NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES,


CATALOGS, CARDBOARD, BOX BOARD (cereal boxes, 6 pack beer containers), and shredded paper only in

CLEAR PLASTIC BAGS. Aluminum and Steel cans can be placed in other end of container.


All” (plastic and glass)” containers, are to be placed in the bins in the Ladyfish Compound which are marked

for this material.

All garbage and household trash goes into the compactor, in the Ladyfish Compound. Small appliances, pieces of wood less than 3’ long and other small junk goes into this unit.

Also Bulk items such as refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryer, water heaters, large furniture items, bicycles, etc. are to be placed inside the service area next to the shed. No recyclable items are to be put into the compactor. Nothing is to be disposed of by throwing into any of the canals or waterways. No open burning is permitted in the Park.

Use of these facilities is limited to residents of Pine Island Cove. No commercial contractors may use the waste disposal system except with prior notification to the office or accompanied by a resident.

32. When considering painting/siding structures, members must secure approval from the board. This includes houses, sheds, drain spouts, trim and driveways. Guidelines to be used by the Board shall include: (1) light pastel colors (2) Earth tone colors.

33. Our clubhouse is reserved for use by committees and groups consisting of residents and their guests, and visitors. Additionally during periods of natural disasters or other emergencies, the Board of Directors will consider requests for short term use of our facility by island based organizations. EFFECTIVE 10-24-16

All the Rules and Regulations are to insure the enjoyment of the residents. It is the responsibility of all residents to follow the rules.

















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