This page will feature videos relating directly to Pine Island Cove, Pine Island Sound, Pine Island, or the immediate vicinity.



Pine Island Cove



Pine Island Cove, Our Place in the Universe


Aerial view of Pine Island Cove.




Pine Island Cove, a Unique Perspective


Aerial view of the entire park from various angles.




Pine Island Cove by Air


Primarily shows homes along Cobiac Drive




Pine Island Cove Sunset


Short video taken just outside the Australian pines along Drum




Gary the Gator v2


Shows a medium size alligator in one of our canals.




Going Home


Shows one of our amazing summer sunsets




Magnificent Sunset and Storm


This video shows an aerial view of a spectacular summer sunset and a line of

active thunderstorms moving from Cape Coral directly toward Pine island Cove.




Flight 133


This features a drone takeoff from Pine Island Cove to see a magnificent thunderstorm over the Gulf Of Mexico before sunrise. As the lightning flashes within the storm we fly south and look back on the Cove while the sun makes a dramatic appearance in the east. Then we return home and land.




Foggy Morning Flight


Before the sun rises over Pine Island Cove we take off to see the fog shrouded fields surrounding us. Then, just as the sun peeks over the horizon, we return home to land.




Alligator by Drone


A very big alligator basking in our lake. 




Roseatte Spoonbills by Magic Carpet


This video features the beautiful Roseatte Spoonbills that like to hang out in the swamp or bayou located just west of our boat compound.




Bird Bayou


A secret hideaway for wading birds in the mangroves just behind our boat compound.. Ibis, Egrets, and Roseatte Spoonbills feed and roost in a quiet, little piece of paradise.



Pine Island



Pine Island, Secret Places (Part One, The Land)


Drone video showing remote areas of Pine Island, primarily land.




Pine Island, Secret Places (Part Two, The Water)


Drone video showing more remote areas of Pine Island, primarily water.




Flying High Over Pine Island


Aerial video from drone showing the area west of PIC.




Flying High over Pine Island v2


Aerial footage from drone showing the area west of PIC.




Pine Island Baby Eagles


Eagle chicks exercise their wings from their nest in Bokeelia.




Time Flies on Pine Island


Time lapse video along Stringfellow




Pine Island Sound



Dolphins at Play


Dolphins tossing fish and frolicking near kayak.




Hidden Mangrove Tunnel (by kayak)


Travel through a mangrove tunnel by kayak.




Pine Island Air Boat Ride


Air boat ride through the mangroves and Charlotte Harbor, east of Bokeelia.




Pine Island Air Boat Ride v2


Air boat ride through the mangroves and Charlotte Harbor, east of Bokeelia.




Pelican Island


Drone and action cam video showing the 300 Pelicans who live on Hemp Key in the winter.




Fun Day on Pine Island Sound


Guests get to see the dolphins in the Gulf and Pine Island Sound, and catch a very large trout.




Trout and Redfish by Kayak


Catch trout and redfish in a kayak.




Snook and Redfish by Kayak


Catch a nice snook and redfish in a kayak.




Fishing Pine Island Sound


Trout and redfish by boat. Giant redfish.




Demere Key, Pine island Sound


See the compound and secret harbor of the famous "Shell House."




Fish Houses, Pine Island Sound


See the well known fish houses from the air.




Cayo Costa


A brief tour of the island from the air.




Cape Coral



A Few Minutes with the Burrowing Owls


Close-up shots of Burrowing Owls near the burrows.




Cute Baby Burrowing Owls


Five curious chicks playing and learning to fly.




The Burrowing Owls of Cape Coral


Footage of adult and young Burrowing Owls.




Best Baby Burrowing Owls


Close-ups of juvenile Burrowing Owls










Sunset at Mallory Square, Key West -- taken between two anchored cruise ships


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